Chunhui · Victory club

High-end and luxury inspired masterpiece

Chunhui · Victory Bay residents can enjoy the facilities at the nearby grand commercial supporting package – the Chunhui · Victory Club. The Chunhui · Victory Club is a luxurious social entertainment exchange platform, dedicated to providing supreme service for the ultimate owners and members of Victory Bay, so they can enjoy an outstanding lifestyle. The Chunhui · Victory Club will provide customers with a variety of exciting and high-end services, including top-level hotel check-in, personalized courtesy, catering, shopping and leisure and entertainment services, with supporting business entities, VIP membership services and annual large-scale events.

Shopping Mall

The shopping area is a large, comprehensive and modern shopping center featuring youth and fashion. It gathers together many international first-tier luxury brands, popular fashion clothing and abundant local Cambodian brands, including all kinds of items of international brands, haute couture, shoes and bags, skin care products and perfumes.

Dining Enjoyment

Bringing world cuisines to Westport to create a collection of TOP restaurants from around the world. Taste local and international dishes at boutique and Michelin starred restaurants, discover top chefs, experience the thoughtful, extra courteous and attentive service, and take another look at the world.

Luxury Hotel

The all-dimensional, intelligent, business, conference and tourism hotel, with its elegant style extending from the lobby to the guest rooms, is equipped with exquisite and elegant furniture and guest articles, bringing luxurious comfort and an everlasting luxury experience for every visitor.

Leisure and Entertainment

Including a 10,000 m2 health gaming center, a 5,000 m2 top level club, a super game hall (VR video games, etc.), leisure and entertainment clubs such as billiards, darts, e-sports and other high-end social, business and leisure activities, SPA baths, customized party rooms, large party rooms , ROOF top floor entertainment (air LOUNGE / infinity pool / top party / helipad, etc.).

Fifth WaveProperty Management System

The Fifth Wave public chain cleverly takes leadership of the market and uses the blockchain to gain the following advantages in the shared real estate transaction market. The complete real estate transaction process involves multiple departments, including land, planning, housing management, taxation, civil affairs, public security, pricing, provident funds, commercial banks and other departments. There are also a variety of business links available such as land transfer, planning licenses, construction licenses, pre-sale listings, contract signing, contract filing, fund supervision, bank or provident fund loan tax payments, housing maintenance fund deposits, completion acceptance, real estate registration, property management and so on.

At present, there are basically two kinds of traditional information sharing modes. One is single point-to-point data sharing, which is not suitable for multi-department data sharing, due to the large investment needed and the long time it takes to create. The second method is that each different department’s data will be sent to a centralized system, and in turn the system handles the intra-department communications.

System advantage

Compared with the traditional sharing model, Chunhui · Victory Bay’s blockchain-based real estate information resource sharing system has the following advantages:

(1) High Security

Since it is a decentralized application, a single node failure or attack does not affect the entire system. Compared with traditional centralized storage systems, it has strong disaster tolerance and is very difficult to interfere with, and thus will not allow all systems to be paralyzed if there is a failure of the central system. In this way, real estate owned by the Fifth Wave platform can optimize the asset management for renting and selling.

(2) Good credit

Due to the traceability and tamper proof nature of the blockchain versus traditional centralized storage systems, it can improve the authenticity, consistency and timeliness of shared data, and at the same time reduce the trust risks of the whole system. Thus, the information regarding the real estate owned by the Fifth Wave platform is protected by transaction certification, and also allows transparency in property management and decorations.

(3) Cost reduction

This is mainly manifested in the smart contracts that are automatically executed by the Fifth Wave platform using blockchain, which makes the information flow smoothly, is completely transparent and simple to use. It improves the search process for buyers and sellers of real estate and reduces the costs of research before renting and selling.

Distribution modelof property rights

Property rights are innovatively stored within the Fifth Wave platform. The information held on the blockchain, and the sharing of the benefits, are utilized to launch an era that creates a low entry threshold for homebuyers, and everyone can then speculate in the real estate market. Chunhui · Victory Bay has a great distribution system so that the property rights of a house can be divided into many parts, and investors can invest according to their capital situation.

Crowdfunding investment

Crowdfunding represents a way to invest at a fraction of the total cost of ownership. The creation of new forms of real estate crowdfunding is one of the most popular application cases of blockchain technology in the real estate field. The technology will improve shared records, ease of group decision-making, and other basic features of the crowdfunding of real estate investments. Even clients with little money do not need to worry about being able to participate. This new way of real estate speculation under the Fifth Wave platform is free, without risk and profitable. Real estate speculation is no longer an investment opportunity for just a small number of people, now everyone can take advantage of the opportunities.

Standard Method of Operation

The basic operation of property right distribution is to hold the rights and interests of the underlying real estate through the Fifth Wave system platform, divide the corresponding rights and interests into several shares, and tokenize these shares. By deploying smart contracts, the issuance and circulation of tokens are realized on the digital trading platform. Tokenized real estate is directly linked to a set of specific tokens on the blockchain, and investors can purchase tokens that match their affordability.The equity of marked real estate can be transferred more easily, and the marked real estate system can greatly reduce the cost of buying and selling real estate. For example, the real estate sold in Chunhui · Victory Bay is tokenized, and through the deployment of smart contracts, the issuance and circulation of the tokens are set up in the Fifth Wave DAPP. There can be many changes in the practical operations. The original intention of the design of the Fifth Wave platform is that the rights and interests enjoyed by the token holders can be limited to the operating income rights of the corresponding assets, or they can be claims related to the corresponding assets, or they can have Utility Tokens (practical rights), such as enjoying discounts on the purchase of real estate. The token value is only equal to the equity of the property rights and can be converted into FB Coins at any time to give up their interest and realize the amount.

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